Upcoming Exhibitions:

Rachel Lumsden

«The Turn of the Huntress» 

02.05.2024- 06.07.2024

Galerie Urs Reichlin,

Baarerstrasse 133, 6300 Zug, Switzerland



Rachel Lumsden

«Moon on a stick» 

13.04.2024- 28.04.2024

Himmel Helvetia

Helvetiastrasse 47, St Gallen

Book Projects:

«Igniting Penguins – a manifesto for painting»

Released in UK from September 2023. Publisher Scheidegger und Spiess, Zurich «Igniting Penguins – a manifesto for painting» invites you on an entertaining exploration of painting and its role in the art world. Straightforwardly told, insightful and profound, it is thoroughly suitable as a survival guide for aspiring painters. Rachel Lumsden’s tour de force leads you from the idiosyncrasies of art’s powerful gatekeepers to the dazzling species of gallery owners, on to the gender roles that still prevail in the art establishment. Her main concern, however, always remains the act of painting itself: What actually happens when the tip of a brush – or a floor mop – touches the canvas? It is everything you ever wanted to know about painting and the art world but never dared to ask.



” …clever and immensely entertaining. …No one has taken apart the art establishment in such an entertaining way for a long time.”; Michael Luenstroth – Kulturmagazin Thurgau.


“Igniting Penguins – A Manifesto for Painting”; is a clever combination of satire, analysis and instruction manual on contemporary painting. Although not a single illustration is included, the book itself feels like a work of art with its idiosyncrasy in format and style.”; (Anita Grueneis for KULTUR. www.kulturzeitschrift.at ; review appears in the September print issue).



Rachel Lumsden – Landslide, released June 2023, texts in English, German and French.
Publisher Verlag für Moderne Kunst, Vienna


Book Landslide 1